Siddharth Malhotra talks about his struggles and frustrations ‘before and after he became an actor’: ‘Thank God, Maine Abni Sari Bhadas Nikali Hai’

Siddharth MalhotraAfter winning the hearts of Vikram Patra in Shirshah, all is ready to tickle our hilarious grandeur with Alhamdulillah calling this Diwali. In his decade-long career, the young actor has been linked with some intense dramas and is now experimenting with comedy with an ace filmmaker. Indra Kumar’s direction. The actor made his debut with Student of the Year in 2012.

In this interview with Indianexpress.comSidharth talks about why he didn’t try comedy before thankfully and how you need to be a safe actor to share screen space with Ajay Devgn. The actor also talks about how he used his frustrations in life to prepare for his role in the movie.

Excerpts from the interview:

What made you say yes thank god?

I heard this movie before a pandemic. When I heard the novel Thank God, I remember how I used to laugh and then think how to do certain things that are in the story. I had a very warm feeling that it had an emotional end to something we can all relate to in our day and age. I call it “fam-com”, because it can have fun with the family and finally make you think.

I play as Aayan Kapoor, an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to make money fast and strives for success in life. He eventually realizes that he made a mistake in life after he encounters an accident and his life hangs in the balance. I believe in karma, and I believe most of India and the Indian subcontinent do as well. So it’s a little karmic angle to her but done with a lot of humor and energy. I hope by the end of the movie it will leave you with a good idea.

In your decade-long career, you haven’t really done any comedy. Have you consciously wanted to market yourself as a strong actor?

not at all. I think I reacted to the story first. I was so glad it was a fun and lively movie made for a commercial audience and yet it leaves you with a nice idea. As an actor, this character has given me such diverse charts to deal with in the movie. I find it hard to make people laugh, but it was easy here because people laugh at this guy’s frustrations in life. I’ve had a good share of those before and after becoming an actor. Maine apni saari bhadas nikali hai iss film mein. It was a very interesting experience – comes a filmmaker like Indra Kumar who adds the flavor of commercial comedy to the film; And I got to work with Ajay Devgn and fueled his energy.

You said you have had your fair share of frustrations in life before and after becoming an actor…

We have all been there. In my days you struggle in MumbaiIt was hard to find a place to stay, it was hard to find a job, it was hard to get a break, and then break into the film industry. So all those years and days ki bhadas (Frustrations). When you make movies and try to get the whole team to work in a certain direction, your patience takes a toll. So, I used that in Alhamdulillah with this character Aayan Kapoor, and that must be a bit entertaining in the movie, so I’m really looking forward to this Diwali.

Are you comfortable now that your movies are doing so well? Are you satisfied with the direction your career is taking?

I’m never convinced, I’m never happy. Regarding work, I frankly criticize what I see in myself. I’m also very particular about how I present my work, but only when I’m involved in a project that’s more than just an actor, like Shershah. If you’re involved in a movie as an actor you can only do parts of it, it’s not at a sound level. So contentment to me is an illusory thing, the closer you get to it, the more it moves away from you. But I am grateful for the love people have given to Sharashah and my films in the past. I guess, now, I’m still at that point where I’m doing different things, new things, and thankfully it’s one of those movies that has all the ingredients to keep people entertained during the holiday season.

Indra Kumar has made some huge commercial comedies, but people also say that one needs to keep one’s brains at home to enjoy his movies.

Thank God he definitely has a mind, and more than that he has a beautiful heart. When I read the script, I related to the fact that it was all about emotions. Whether it’s Shershaah, Ek Villain, Kapoor & Sons, it’s always been the heart of the movie that has influenced me. Thank God he has a beautiful heart. I hope people learn to be conscious of what they are doing with their families and what they are doing at work. They realize how obsessed people are with the wrong things, and that’s even more important. It is clear that Indra Kumar is known for entertaining people over the years; He’s also done dramas like Dil and Beta, movies that entertained people without necessarily being mainstream comedies.

We often hear discussions about actors being uncomfortable starring in projects with two protagonists.

My movie choices over the years show my thought process. I’ve never been ashamed of having other strong characters in my films. Even in brotherhood, a great actor like Akshay Kumar My older brother, Akshay Khanna played an important character in Ittefaq and now Ajay Devgn is playing Chitragupta. I never thoughtdusre ka role kaisa hai? ‘ I see how I can contribute to the script, and I think you can convince the audience with one scene or the whole movie. I’ve never looked at it as”Mira Kitna OR Casey OR Ka KitnaI look at the movie in its entirety and not the amount of time I spent in front of the screen, or how it works.

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