Snooki talks about motherhood, sex, and being messy with no apologies

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Nicole”SnookiPolizzi rose to fame as an unapologetic party girl Jersey Shore, but since her reality TV debut in 2009, she’s added a few more titles to her résumé. “The Messy Maoma” (peep Her wine brandHe is also one of the hosts of the MTV Show Chaoswhere she and her hosts discuss the internet’s wildest party clips.

At one point, some might have thought that the 34-year-old could have appeared on the show herself. Now, she’s more focused on family life – a fact that surprises her, given that she doesn’t think motherhood will come naturally.

“I was afraid of having a baby,” she told Yahoo Life. “I didn’t know how to love taking care of a young child. I was nervous. It made me think,I’m going to be a bad mom when it’s time to have kids. So that was really scary for me. Like, I was excited to be a mother, but I was like, ‘I don’t even know how I’m going to keep it. Like, what do I do? I can’t even talk to a child, so what can I say? Just like all those uncomfortable feelings. And then once I became a mother, it was like I was a super mom.”

However, Snooki has found a way to strike a balance.

“I enjoy wine and still have time, but I’m still a great mom and I take care of my kids,” she says.

It also involved becoming a Super Mama by changing her style. Instead of the tight dresses and high heels she once wore to the clubs on Jersey Shore, she’s now (mostly) sporting slip-on sneakers—at least, until a night out. Wearing sexy clothes for her is about feeling “warm”.

“After the kids, it’s exciting for me to have big T-shirts, granny panties, no makeup, and my hair in a bun,” she says. “I love this look, because that’s my mom’s look. This is the sexy look you’re going to get now.”

The beach thing Spending romantic time with her husband “Gough Paul” Jonny Laval can sometimes take a backseat to parenting, the writer says.

“With three kids, everybody’s running around this one, one screaming, this kid is making a mess. The other one I have to pick up at wrestling practice,” she says. “There is no time in the day for that.”

When the couple can make time, Snooki shares that they have a special place in their home to be together.

“We have our own bedroom,” she explains. “This is where we enjoy ourselves, have wine, and watch a movie.”

However, when her husband is away, she prefers to relax.

“I feel like my husband does the job when it comes to having an exciting time,” she says. “So when he’s not around, I’d rather sleep than play with a toy.”

Snooki also isn’t shy about plastic surgery – but says she’s not interested in changing her body “just to fit in Hollywood.”

She says, “We’re a jersey here. We do whatever the hell we want. I do it just to feel better about myself. I definitely still do Botox because I get really nervous with three kids and don’t want any lines on my face, so I’m still Botox. I’m done.” from Teddy.”

She says she may go under the knife again for a breast lift in the future, after she has “definitely” finished having children.

“We don’t plan anymore,” she shares. “So I would like to go and do my breast implants again, to get a lift again, but with a smaller implant because I’m done trying to get big breasts, which just don’t fit my little body.”

Snooki, who says her weight always fluctuates, says she’s also not interested in fitting into a smaller body model.

“I never try to be a size zero or anything else,” she explains. “I enjoy my wine and cheese and you know, I love working out too…I just want to be happy with myself.”

Chaos Premieres on MTV September 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

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