Steelers owner Art Rooney II is victim of a vicious rant by Mike Florio heading into week six

The Pittsburgh Steelers A good start to the 2022 season. The Steelers were embarrassed by buffalo bills 38-3 and now they’re underdogs by 8.5 points Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday at home. Mike Tomlin And the Canada died This week it has been criticized for its Black and Gold status and fans want a regulatory scalp so they can assess the blame.

Steelers Canada

Steelers attack coordinator Matt Canada during practice/Credit: Chaz Palla/Tribune-Review

Mike Florio who hosts Professional football debate On NBC Sports, join the popularity 93.7afternoon radio program Team PM w / Poni & Mueller Wednesday afternoon a different theory was advanced. Florio suggested that Tomlin was an easy target and that something, or more specifically, someone else in Pittsburgh was to blame.

Florio began: “I still think Art Rooney is involved in everything much more than we realize.” “Jerry Jones does it in Dallas, he put it there. Art Rooney never did it, maybe it’s humility or maybe others blame him if things go sideways.”

Steelers Rooney

Art Rooney (1901-1988), founder and president of the American football team Pittsburgh Steelers, October 1982 / Credit: Photo by Nancy R. Schiff / Getty Images

Art Rooney “The Chief” He began his tenure with the Steelers 39 years before the franchise earned a playoff win from the Immaculate Reception in 1972, but then moved on to head perhaps the greatest team of the Super Bowl era, the ’70s Steelers. daughter Dan Rooney In charge of Transfer to Bill QuirrThe rune rule And two other Super Bowl awards. Both men are spoken of with respect by anyone who has played for them.

“It’s a collaboration,” Florio continued. “The problem with cooperation is that someone has to be the one in the end. Who leads the charge to consensus? It doesn’t happen naturally, because there will be disagreements and disputes and then someone will cut the tie. Unless you are very good at trading positions. It’s always hard to know who’s running that organization. I think Art Rooney has a lot more influence and a lot more power than anyone at every level of decision-making realizes.”

Art Rooney II He has been president of the Steelers organization since 2003. At the time he held a 20% ownership stake in the team and after his father’s death in 2017, he is believed to have inherited the other 30% ownership stake in the team. He’s the majority on the team and likely has the last word on everything to do with the Steelers, like his father and grandfather before him.

“The Steelers have been considered this platinum standard of stability and consistency for good reason,” Florio said. “Three coaches since 1969. Rooney owned the team before that and they used to fire coaches every two years because they stink. It’s very easy to keep your coaches when the team is good. It makes it very easy to stick to your plan of never firing your coach, which almost becomes your identity.”

Credit: Tribune-Review

Credit: Tribune-Review

Florio made a solid point about the Steelers organization. Art Rooney was impatient with loss during the early years. The Steelers had 13 coaches in the 33 years before hiring Chuck Noll And since 1969 they have had only three. but, Joe Bach And the Walt Kissling He served five terms as head coaches in between, and 12 of the 16 coaches spent their entire careers in Pittsburgh. It was the best chance for the team to succeed Jock Sutherland Who led the team to the playoffs in 1947 but unfortunately passed away before the 1948 season.

Florio shared: “Limited partners a few years ago.” “They were making a fuss about changing coaches and Art Rooney ignored it. To the extent that Art Rooney is Jerry Jonesing the Steelers, you need people to go along with that, and the next coach might not agree. You introduce a new character into the mix and he might change, but One bad year won’t do that.”

Florio, who was also a lawyer before turning to a full-time football suspension, has often said he is not a fan of the Steelers. He lives in nearby West Virginia and part of the organization’s vitriol may be the steel curtain that shrouds the team’s back-office dealings, and his lack of access to them. Rooney’s image is carefully designed and unlike Cowboys in Dallas The owner who started at the top, has been with the organization since 1989.

“I go back to throwing Bruce Aryan into the sea,” Florio speculated. “What happened after Tomlin told him I nurtured you, I got you a new contract. Arianes said it on the record. So either Mike Tomlin was two-faced or he didn’t have the juice. I chose to say the latter. Then Todd Haley becomes this supernatural marriage that doesn’t I think Tomlin wants it. I just don’t think Mike Tomlin has the juice.”

Report: Steelers likely to stick with OC Matt Canada for now, as shooting may not happen until after 2022 season

At this point, the team Andrew Filipponi And the Chris Muller The interrupter rant by a veteran NFL insider. The couple asked if he was hinting that Tomlin would not only be able to fire Canada, but that he might not even have been responsible for his staff hires.

“Yes,” Florio answered frankly. “Rooney has managed to keep that facade where no one ever called him. That’s why he was doing it. You stay out of criticism because it’s never you. If you go sideways, someone else takes the fall. As long as the team is competitive every year. This will never become a problem.”

Steelers Rooney


The accusations are staggering and a page for trying to provoke a hornet’s nest within the organization. The players seem to be disgusted and the young fans who only know Ben Roethlisberger Steelers, upset about the state of the team. The Rooneys are a third-generation operation, and if Art Rooney II has been meddling behind the scenes since becoming team boss in 2003, he’s had great success in doing so.

Unlike the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who called himself the team’s general manager at one point.

The Steelers have made three Super Bowls this century under Rooney’s current system and are in their first year after the Hall of Fame. Unlike when Terry Bradshaw After he retires, it looks like the Steelers already have a succession plan in place Kenny Beckett. If he’s interfering, he’s doing a good job.

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