Villeneuve aims for NASCAR but still hopes to achieve a legendary record

For a driver who has won the Formula 1 World Championship and won the Indy 500 in his back pocket, there isn’t much Jacques Villeneuve needs on his motorsport resume – but the 1997 champion is eager to return to racing full-time in 2023. Which tournament did he choose? NASCAR Cup Series. In his first … Read more

Final results from Red Bull Hardline 2022

The results came from a strict Red Bull. Jackson Goldstone becomes the youngest-ever winner as he is nearly seven seconds ahead of Joe Smith. Taylor Vernon drops another 0.04 seconds to finish third. Check out the full results below. Top 10 the first. Jackson Goldstone: 2: 20.525Second. Joe Smith: 2:27,043Third. Taylor Vernon: 2:27,084Fourth. Ronan Dunn: … Read more