Season 13, Episode 1, To Bob, Or Not To Bob”

Bob Burger picture: 20 . TV Bob Burger It’s been a low-key national treasure since its premiere in 2011. Like many others on Fox’s adult animation list (The Simpsons, A man who loves family lifeking of the hill), the Lauren Bouchard series that follows a working-class American nuclear family. But what sets it apart from … Read more

Thriller Away From the United States #20: Miyazaki’s Authorship Revisited

Chihiro and No Face in Spirited Away picture: 2001 Studio Ghibli – NDDTM (Getty Images) There is an early moment kidnapped This is still stuck in my mind after countless views and many years. Brave 10-year-old ponytail hero Chihiro collapses by a river after losing her parents – and the human world she admits – … Read more

Season 1, Episode 6, “Just Jen”

Tatiana Maslany picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios Well, they faked us, right? After a tantalizing glimpse of Daredevil’s new helmet in finale episodeThis episode didn’t even hint at Matt Murdock. It’s a risky game to play for Marvel fans, but the show knows, at least, that it thwarts our expectations. “Yes, it’s a stand-alone wedding … Read more