It’s time for comprehensive genetic testing of the germ line in breast cancer

A new study provides additional support for comprehensive germline genetic testing of affected women breast cancer. The study found that adherence to current restrictive guidelines on germline testing is missed by a significant number of women with pathogenic or potentially pathogenic (P/LP) variants, which would alter patient management. The study used a polygenic cancer panel … Read more

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Taihu for the treatment of rare bile duct cancer with a specific genetic signature

Taihu oncology drug for bile duct cancer is now agreed by the Food and Drug Administration, providing a new treatment option for patients with advanced disease. The regulatory decision makes Taihu the third approved product for such cancers driven by a specific genetic signature, but the drug company maintains that its cancer treatment has an … Read more

No, not vegetables or fruits

For a long time, people believed that eating fruits, vegetables, and dietary fiber supplements could prevent colon and rectum cancer (Colon Cancer). But did you know? Eating whole grains may be more effective at preventing colorectal cancer than eating fruits or vegetables. There are two types of fiber, both of which can help prevent colorectal … Read more

More false than true positive

Dr. Deborah Schrag PARIS – New results from a large future trial are giving a better idea of ​​how a blood test that can detect many cancers performs in a “real-life” environment. “As this technology develops, people should continue to have standard cancer screening, but this is a glimpse of what the future may hold,” … Read more