EU leaders reaffirm support for Ukraine, squabble over gas price cap

EU leaders remain divided over gas price ceiling The European Commission to submit proposals to the EU Summit Poland criticizes Germany for spending too much on reparations The leaders pledged to continue financial and military aid to Ukraine Schulz says it will take a generation to rebuild Ukraine PRAGUE (Reuters) – European Union leaders agreed … Read more

The death of Daria Dugina: The United States believes that elements within the Ukrainian government allowed the assassination near Moscow, sources say

Washington CNN – The US intelligence community believes that A car bomb explosion kills Daria DuginaSources familiar with the intelligence told CNN that the daughter of a prominent Russian political figure, Alexander Dugin, was given permission by elements within the Ukrainian government. The US was not aware of the plan in advance, according to the … Read more

OPEC+ agrees to deep oil production cuts, as Biden calls them shortsighted

OPEC + cuts production by 2 million barrels per day The real reductions are estimated at 1 million barrels per day due to production shortages Biden criticizes the decision and calls it short-sighted Saudi Arabia says criticism of the West is motivated by arrogance of wealth Saudi Arabia says cuts necessary due to high interest … Read more

Amir Malik on a campaign to make golf more inclusive for Muslims

CNN – Amir Malik is a man who loves her golf. However, golf didn’t always like him. A devoted sports enthusiast since his childhood in Kingston upon Thames, London, he was fascinated by golf long before he first took on swing. But since he didn’t know anyone else who played, Malik settled on a side … Read more

Ryder Cup 2023: Europe captain Luke Donald thinks his team are underdogs but USA captain Zack Johnson disagrees | golf news

Team USA are looking to retain the title, with the Ryder Cup taking place at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Italy next September; Europe captain Luke Donald: “I think being at home is definitely worth something, but there is no doubt that we will face a very strong opponent” Last update: 04/10/22 6:15 … Read more

Analysis: Tesla may face its toughest challenges yet as the economy slows

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 4 (Reuters) – In July, Tesla (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk said the electric car maker had no problem with customer demand, simply a problem making and shipping all the Model Ys and Model 3s consumers were willing to buy. This may no longer be true. Analysts are seeing early warning signs for … Read more

Ukrainian forces break through Russian defenses in the south and advance in the east

Ukraine makes gains in two of the four regions annexed by Russia Restoration of the Lyman strategic center improves access to Donbass Elon Musk’s proposal to end the war calls for Ukrainian condemnation Ukraine says it has withdrawn 31 Russian tanks from the fighting in the south Svyatohersk/Kyiv (Kyiv) (Reuters) – Ukrainian forces have breached … Read more

Britain’s tax slump sent stocks and sterling rebounding

Britain scrapped a small part of the tax plan; relieved markets The Reserve Bank of Australia surprises with a slight rise VIX height; Credit Suisse’s slipping point into the nerves below it SYDNEY (Reuters) – Asian stocks rebounded on Tuesday after Britain scrapped parts of a controversial tax-cut plan, leading to an initial improvement in … Read more

125 killed in a soccer stampede in Indonesia after police used tear gas at a stadium

More than 320 injured in crowds stampede The Indonesian Football Association suspends the league for investigation Police say they fired tear gas to control the crowd MALANG, Indonesia (Reuters) – 125 people were killed and more than 320 injured in a stampede at a soccer stadium in Indonesia after police used tear gas to quell … Read more

Ukraine celebrates retaking main city, Putin ally raises nuclear fears

Ukraine’s restoration of Lyman control is a major setback for Moscow Chechen leader suggests using low-yield nuclear weapon Liman is a major logistics center in the eastern Donetsk region Donetsk is one of four regions that Putin says are now Russian Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukrainian forces said they have retaken the main Lyman stronghold in … Read more