As China begins to dismantle ‘zero COVID’ controls, fears about the virus are growing

The largest easing of restrictions since the onset of the pandemic Cities urge citizens to be vigilant Analysts say China is not ready for a surge in cases BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – As many Chinese embraced new freedoms on Thursday after the country abandoned key parts of its strict anti-coronavirus regime, there were growing concerns about … Read more

An official body in Iran announces the killing of 200 people in protests, and Raisi praises the “freedoms”

DUBAI (Reuters) – President Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran as a guarantor of rights and freedoms, defending the ruling regime amid a crackdown on anti-government protests that the United Nations says have claimed more than 300 lives. Meanwhile, the country’s top security body said 200 people, including members of the … Read more

Employment opportunities decreased in the United States in October. The job market is still tight

Jobs decreased from 353,000 to 10.3 million in October Third quarter GDP growth revised from 2.6% to 2.9% Consumer, business spending, export account for promotion The goods trade deficit widened by 7.7% in October WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. job opportunities fell in October but remained remarkably high, indicating the labor market remains resilient despite the … Read more

Coronavirus protests escalated in Guangzhou as China’s lockdown anger boiled over

Riot police in hazmat suits crash into protesters The number of protests is estimated at 27-43 in 22 cities across China The largest wave of civil disobedience since 1989’s Tiananmen Covid lockdown and protests hit China’s economy SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) – People in Guangzhou, China’s manufacturing hub, clashed with white riot police wearing hazmat protective gear … Read more

Dr. Paul Saba, author and physician: This Thanksgiving Weekend is supporting women who want to take care of their children

Dr. Paul Saba is the author of Made to Live the financial value. Women who want to give birth and care for their babies and children will benefit from more medical, psychological, financial (including job opportunities), educational and social support.” – Dr. Paul Saba MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, NOVEMBER 27, 2022 / – “This Thanksgiving weekend … Read more

Canada to enhance defense and cyber security in Indo-Pacific policy, focus on ‘disruptive’ China

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada launched its long-awaited Indo-Pacific strategy on Sunday, outlining C$2.3 billion ($1.7 billion) in spending to boost military and cyber security in the region and pledging to deal with a “troubled” China. While working with her on climate change and trade issues. The plan, detailed in a 26-page document, said Canada would … Read more

Ukraine promises to provide shelter for its people with the onset of winter

“Invincible centers” to provide heating, water and the Internet Widespread power outages due to Russia targeting the electricity grid The Group of Seven will soon announce the ceiling for Russian oil prices – an American official Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine has promised shelters with heat and water and encouraged its people to conserve energy as … Read more

A harsh winter looms as Russian attacks impede Ukraine’s ability to provide energy

Ukrainians with little or no warming up after the bombing Temperatures in several areas are already below freezing Kherson residents receive an offer to evacuate to safer areas Ukrainian security forces raid the famous Kyiv Monastery Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine’s government on Tuesday urged people to conserve energy amid relentless Russian strikes that halved the … Read more

‘Playing with fire’: UN warns team to inspect damage to Ukraine’s nuclear plant

The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency warns: “You are playing with fire!” After the explosions Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the bombing President Zelensky says the eastern region was hit by heavy artillery “The fiercest battles” are in the Donetsk region, says Zelensky LONDON/LVIV, Ukraine (Reuters) – The head of the … Read more

COP27 offers a breakthrough in the climate fund at the cost of advances in emissions

The COP27 climate summit ends after long negotiations at the end of the week Delivers final agreement on the creation of a landmark climate finance fund Negotiators say some have blocked tougher emissions targets SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt (November 20) (Reuters) – Countries wrapped up this year’s United Nations climate summit on Sunday with a … Read more