3 Types of “No” Every Entrepreneur Should Learn (and How to Succeed From Rejection)

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. rejection It can be powerful. The word “no” serves a special purpose in Business especially in leading businesses. Every founder and innovator has heard it, perhaps thousands of times. if close to right mindset‘No’ can be a guiding force to move a business forward. A “no” can help … Read more

7 ways to combat stress and tension

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. leading businesses It is a difficult endeavor that requires a lot of effort and dedication. Entrepreneurship is full of times when Stress And the the pressure They come into play, but most entrepreneurs will only show sales and hundreds of orders. No one shows slow months, disputes, rude … Read more

Here are 4 tips for scaling your startup during an economic downturn

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur The shareholders themselves. The message was written on a tombstone: “RIP Good Times.” Delok Klistaporn | Getty Images I launched my first company during The Great Recession. AppDynamics had ten employees and there was a problem implementing the product with NetflixOur second client, when? Sequoia Capital Release her now The famous … Read more