The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Taihu for the treatment of rare bile duct cancer with a specific genetic signature

Taihu oncology drug for bile duct cancer is now agreed by the Food and Drug Administration, providing a new treatment option for patients with advanced disease. The regulatory decision makes Taihu the third approved product for such cancers driven by a specific genetic signature, but the drug company maintains that its cancer treatment has an … Read more

Here are 4 tips for scaling your startup during an economic downturn

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur The shareholders themselves. The message was written on a tombstone: “RIP Good Times.” Delok Klistaporn | Getty Images I launched my first company during The Great Recession. AppDynamics had ten employees and there was a problem implementing the product with NetflixOur second client, when? Sequoia Capital Release her now The famous … Read more

How sunlight can turn seawater into fresh water for coastal communities

CNN – An extremely hot and drier summer around the world has been a reminder that water scarcity is a pressing issue and will only get worse with climate change. Already, more than two billion people worldwide lack easy access to clean water, according to World Health Organization (Who is the). For some countries, desalination … Read more