Should you invest in the Cloud Computing First Trust ETF (SKYY)? – November 24, 2022

Designed to provide broad exposure to technology – the cloud computing segment of the stock market, First Trust Cloud Computing ETF (A quick quote from SKYYThe sky – Free Report) is a passively managed stock exchange fund launched on 05/27/2011. Passive-traded ETFs are an increasingly popular choice among individual and institutional investors, offering low costs, … Read more

Wall Street’s Big Secret Won’t Tell You About Investing

(Ryan Downey) Investors can learn valuable lessons from Wall Street, but professionals aren’t always eager to reveal their secrets. Fortunately, there is one common misconception in the stock market that isn’t hard to correct — and it happens to be linked to some of the more costly mistakes retail investors make. Keep this “secret” in … Read more

Mind Medicine (MNMD) Reporting Third Quarter Earnings: What’s In Store? October 26, 2022

We expect investors to focus on mind medicine‘s (MNMD, quick quoteMNMD – Free report) Near-term strategic priorities and their focus on pipeline software development likely to be reflected in their performance for the third quarter of 2022. These factors have the highest potential for value generation in the near term. Mind Medicine’s earnings beat expectations … Read more

This is not a QE or QT. This is not any of those. Why is the US Treasury exploring debt buybacks

The US Treasury said Friday it plans to start talking to primary dealers in late October about the possibility that it could begin buying back some of its old debt to help avoid disrupting market functions. The plan, if adopted, would mark a milestone in the roughly $22.6 trillion US government bond market, the world’s … Read more

3 Unstoppable Investments Everyone Needs in Their Portfolio | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Chuck Salita) With the stock market plummeting throughout most of 2022, investors are rediscovering the risks involved in investing. The unfortunate truth is that your money is there Always At risk of experiencing some kind of loss, whether invested or not. As a result, it is very important that you put parts of your money … Read more