The College Game Interval Extension for Top 12 Shows: Week 5

The college playoffs show for the 12 best shows, 2022 edition after week five Contact / Follow up Tweet embed & Tweet embedpot forecast | CFN Ranking Week 5 1-131 More and more, it looks like the idea of ​​expanding college football playoffs to include 12 teams will make the game even better. How big … Read more

The PGA Tour plan will feature winners, losers, and captivating players

When it comes to making consequential changes, the world home of the PGA Tour has a lot in common with the Vatican, two reclusive worlds accustomed to moving at the sleepy pace of papal encyclicals rather than the pace expected in the modern world. It’s been 39 days since the final authority of the tour, … Read more

Final results from Red Bull Hardline 2022

The results came from a strict Red Bull. Jackson Goldstone becomes the youngest-ever winner as he is nearly seven seconds ahead of Joe Smith. Taylor Vernon drops another 0.04 seconds to finish third. Check out the full results below. Top 10 the first. Jackson Goldstone: 2: 20.525Second. Joe Smith: 2:27,043Third. Taylor Vernon: 2:27,084Fourth. Ronan Dunn: … Read more