Taqtile Announces a $5 Million Capital Raise to Support the Global Deployment of Manifesto, the leading augmented reality-powered business help platform for industry and defense

Seattle – () –kill, Inc. , maker of Manifest®, the leading augmented reality (AR)-enabled work instruction platform for non-desk workers, announces the completion of its $5 million preferred stock round. The Seattle-based company will use the proceeds to increase sales and marketing efforts, strengthen engineering and development teams and increase its global presence through its extensive partnership network.

Manifest solves an acute business problem plaguing many companies: managing the widening skills gap between frontline workers performing essential and complex tasks. In a tight job market where up to a third of non-desk workers are set to retire over the next five years, Manifest’s advanced technology and exceptional usability are fundamentally changing how companies support their employees with modern digital tools and improve the overall safety and performance of their business.

“Taqtile continues to see strong adoption and rapid deployment of Manifest across all sectors, including defense, manufacturing, transportation, MRO aircraft, logistics, pharmaceuticals and more,” said Dirk Shaw, CEO of Taqtile. “Taqtile’s global partners are extremely important to our mission, and this funding will allow us to do a better job in supporting and enabling our partner ecosystem.” Taqtile Booz partners include Allen Hamilton, CACI, Nokia, Verizon, T-Mobile, Accenture, Microsoft, Amazon AWS and many more.

Investors in this round include mesmerizingwhich is a London-based creator of immersive AR and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies for enterprise customers, as well as Downer GroupIt is an Australian company that specializes in integrating publicly traded industrial and defense systems. Bellevue, based in Washington 5G Open Innovation LabFocus on technology ascenda venture capital fund in Seattle, Washington, has also invested in Taqtile.

Downer Group ASX: DOW is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand, an investor in Taqtile and a strategic partner. Downer works in partnership with Taqtile to enable the transformation of frontline work across the company’s 33,000-strong workforce. Close collaboration between Downer and Taqtil has already begun and will continue to grow across major defense and infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Downer Group CEO Grant Finn said the partnership with Actel will help the company continue to deliver outstanding results for its customers. “Downer’s partnership with Taqtile will enhance the way our work is done on the front lines,” said Mr. Finn. “Downer’s services to our customers impact the lives of millions of people across Australia and New Zealand every day, so it is important that we apply industry-leading technology to support the productivity, efficiency and safety of our operations.”

“We were incredibly impressed with Taqtile’s unique and cutting-edge approach using augmented reality for operational enablement, remote assistance, multi-user collaboration and functional audit functionality,” said Mesmerise CEO and Co-Founder, Daglar Cizmeci. “With an aging workforce, it is critical to acquire proprietary knowledge to ensure that the next generation of non-office workers learn quickly and efficiently. We see a comprehensive range of use cases at our subsidiary, myTechnic, a large aircraft maintenance, repair and construction facility in Istanbul, Turkey, and we look forward to implementing Manifest there soon.”

Taqtile creates tools of the future that improve processes and workflows, train the next generation of hands-on workers, and remove barriers between machine and operator, location, and time. Leveraging proven technologies, including augmented reality, 3D visualization, and real-time collaborative communication, Taqtile’s Manifest platform enables non-desktop workers to complete complex tasks more efficiently, completely, and securely than ever before.

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