The new milk chocolate bar uses artificial intelligence to reduce sugar without losing taste

With HFSS (High Fat, Salt or Sugar) regulations coming into force in the UK at the beginning of this month affecting both physical and online promotion on some items, followed by TV and online advertising restrictions from the start of 2023, the confectionery industry The industry will be looking closely at “The Bar” in Valio.

The Helsinki-based company behind the concept helps manufacturers in the industry create healthy products with less sugar and natural ingredients, without compromising the familiar taste.

Bar milk chocolate has 30% less sugar than regular milk chocolate, which was achieved by using the company’s own milk powder solution in the recipe. The solution makes it possible to reduce the natural sugar in any milk chocolate product, and in this way “could revolutionize the confectionery industry”.

Awareness is growing of the importance of health on people’s lips, as well as milk chocolate that people want to enjoy conscientiously.says Valeo at the launch event earlier today.

With the power of artificial intelligence, I designed a bar of “future-enhanced milk chocolate” together with artisan chocolate. The bar combines all the changing preferences of people’s cravings while also eating less sugar. This is made possible thanks to the dairy company’s unique milk powder solution.

The future of milk chocolate

Valio created the futuristic concept with the local chocolatiers at Kultasuklaa, which means that Valio herself did not switch to the chocolate industry. The bar is a proof of concept of what a dairy company’s milk powder solution could do and what the future of milk chocolate could look like.

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