The New York Giants applaud coach Brian Dabol’s commitment to “going to win” after a successful two-point bid

Nashville, Tenn. – Brian Dabol didn’t think twice about whether the New York Giants should go for a two-point conversion or kick an extra tie-point with one minute, 6 seconds left in his first-ever game as head coach. He was always going with an aggressive approach.

Daboll actually went for two, which the giants turned on a shovel pass to run backward I will be Barclay, to upset the Tennessee Titans 21-20 at Nissan Stadium. It was New York’s first win in the first week since 2016, which also happened to be the last time in the playoffs.

Why didn’t Daboll relent when faced with a vital decision late in Sunday’s season opener?

He said, “Go win.” “We’re going to be aggressive. That’s what we want to do. That’s the mentality I want the players to have. If it doesn’t work, I can live with it. I thought it was the right decision.”

Daboll even went up to some defensive players off the bench during the match-winning campaign and asked what they thought.

“I said, ‘Hey…if we score, I’ll go for both.'” Are you good at it? They said, “Hey, yes!”

The Giants players were fully on board, although there was still a minute left and the Titans had time to drive around the field and win the match. They did, but kicker Tennessee Randy Bullock He missed a 47-yard field goal as time expired.

“When we scored a goal, I was on the field and I saw him raise the ‘two’ sign and we kind of made eye contact,” Barkley said. “He gave me that look, and I knew what the play was going to be. He gave me that look and I kind of looked at him and said, ‘Well – yeah.'”

He’s a guy who sticks to his word. He told us he’d be aggressive. He told us he was going to rely on players to make plays. In this case, he did just that. When you have a coach like that, he’s sure to make you go out and fight. for him and implemented in those situations.”

The two-point conversion turned out to be the difference in a game the Giants didn’t lead until the final minutes.

“He was like, ‘You’re all great [going for two]?'” safety Xavier McKinney He said. We were like, ‘Hell yeah! “We wouldn’t have said no. We wanted to win the match. We were glad we had called it.”

As a result, the Giants (1-0) now set a record win for the first time since 2016.

It was no surprise that Daboll showed this kind of aggressiveness late in the game. Also called a naked bootleg for the quarterback Daniel Jones To run in a fourth game down with two minutes remaining.

Daboll has been saying this will be how he will train since he was hired in January. And he repeated that to his players on Saturday evening.

“I knew that before the game started,” wide receiver sterling shepherd He said about the decision to go for two. “He told us he wouldn’t be afraid of training. That’s exactly what he did. We all knew that. We all knew we were going to go to him because he told us [Saturday] night.

“He told us, I will not scared boss.” I believe everything the man says.”

Shepherd later added, “He trusts us. It just shows. We appreciate it. We want to fall into these stressful situations. We have guys who really want to be in those situations to do this play. Everyone in that gathering, I asked them who’s going to do this play.” So we were all ready to do it.”

In the locker room after the win, the players presented playing balls to Daboll and new general manager Joe Schoen.

It was a special win for Dabol, and not just because it was his first match as a coach. The last time he visited Nashville was last October when he was the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. He learned of his grandfather’s death upon arriving on that flight.

Daboll, 47, was raised in upstate New York by his grandparents. He had lost his grandmother three weeks earlier. On his return to Nashville, he relives the memories of the era in which his grandfather died at the age of 95.

Before leaving on that trip, Daboll remembers his grandfather telling him, “We’re going to win.” He always told him, “We will win.”

Daboll told his grandfather he’d better be there when he got back from Nashville. His last encounter ended with his grandfather who gave him a fist pump and a wink.

Daboll choked when he told some reporters this story on Sunday afternoon in Nashville after perhaps the biggest win of his coaching career. He explained that while the Titans were trying to score the field goal, he was carrying the necklace with his ancestors’ ashes, hoping to make a mistake.

“That’s what I was doing during the kick,” he said. “I picked up my grandmother and grandfather’s ashes. I just picked them up and looked up. That’s what I did.”

Buffalo lost 34-31 when facing the Titans last year following the death of Dabol’s grandfather. This time it ended differently.

“It’s a special moment because it’s my first win,” he said. “Last year when I came here for the Buffalo game, I lost my grandfather on the plane as I landed. It was weighing on me after the game. [Sunday].

“When he missed it, I thought of them both. I don’t belong much. These two helped me get to where I was.”

The Giants head coach 1-0 after a match he will definitely not forget.

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