Tim Lampesis considers trying to kill his wife in 2013

while I’m dying vocalist Team Lampesys Arrested on May 7, 2013 for trying to hire a hitman to kill his then wife Megan Murphy. Lampesis He eventually pleaded guilty to the felony of incitement to murder in February 2014 and was released on parole in 2016. Lampesis Since then keep reactivating while I’m dyingalthough the band hasn’t been without its fair share of line-up changes since then. while I’m dying Originally fixed in 2018 with the lineup they discontinued, though only guitarist so far Phil Sgrosso He stays with the band.

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In an interview with Garza PodcastAnd the Lampesis He detailed his headspace at the time of choosing to hire a hitman and thinking about it while in prison. Lampesis He also talks a bit about the long road that fans and audiences in general are likely to forgive, noting that only time will tell.

My general impression of the chat is feeling mostly uncomfortable to glimpse into the headspace of the man who chose to kill his wife at the time. It certainly sheds more light on the situation, sure – but it’s still incredibly dark and terrifying to know that a person can go down to those depths.

“My mind was so isolated in my mind and detached from my support system that I didn’t understand or realize how much I lost myself and the core of who I really was. It is, for example, that I was this one person for most of my life, and then in this period of time, I had This very different kind of very reclusive mindset and then I’ve since come back to be a big part of who I was in the early part of my life plus, of course, added perspective to everything I’ve been through.

“I don’t really know how to describe it. I lost myself, got lost, and just sat there in a dungeon, like, ‘How did I become that person?'” “It kind of blew my mind. As the mental cloud, the mist was gone and I could see clearly, there were obviously a thousand better ways I could have had a divorce or a thousand better ways if I wanted to be close to my family or if I felt the burning father who Poetry … “

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“I can talk about any father losing his children, if I speak vaguely, there is a burning feeling, like, ‘I will do anything to fix this or to correct this or to preserve this relationship. But just because you feel you’re willing to do anything to keep what matters most to you in the world doesn’t mean you’re showing that these are your best options. And I clearly saw him sitting there in a dungeon thinking, “Wow, I could have handled this in a thousand different ways,” and the fact that I thought at the time that this was the best way to handle the situation in my mind, it startled me. She’s, like, how did you even think about this? It was shocking. And there’s really no defense or no way to get rid of it [to] What I did other than that, fortunately, there was no real physical harm of any kind.

“Knowing that I’m relatively young and having the rest of my life to prove to myself, unlike other people, that this is a very lonely and dark thought process in my life. And if it’s a dark and lonely thought process, over the course of 30. 40, 50 years, you’ll see it, but I can’t prove it For anyone, getting out of prison, like, “Hey, guys. I have changed. I’m good.”

“They have to say, ‘This is what I’ve been like for 32 years. Here is the dark period of your life. And here’s who you are in the next 20 years…” I have at least 20 years for most people in this world to want to be, like, “You know what? It might really change. Imprisonment may have already happened…” In one of those rare cases where imprisonment really helped an individual; I might be one of those rare cases. But I have 20 years to prove it, so I’m in no hurry but to be myself and let people Seeing it slowly over time.

I hate talking about it in any contextual way because I feel like it might happen as if I’m making excuses. I’m not. I just tell people the context in which these things happened. This is it.”

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