Timothée Chalamet Cannibal Road Trip

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Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell star in Bones and All.
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bones and everything It is a movie that defies easy classification. it’s the The latest movie from Luca Guadagninoboss Call me by your name And the Suspiria, Who has yet an authentic reputation. From the stars Timothée Chalamet, One of the biggest young stars on the planet. By these metrics, you might think it’s a drama award. It’s also a road love story set in the ’80s that sounds like the description of a comic or fantasy series. Then, plus, there are about two cannibals full of all the pesky violence and blood to go along with. So, yeah, it’s a horror movie, too.

Maybe the combination of all that shouldn’t work, but through Guadagnino’s lens, it really does. bones and everything It’s a dense and satisfying movie that not only has multiple emotions, but it has a genre appeal that sets it apart from many other movies it kind of looks like. The movie keeps you fully engaged by building a wonderful and exciting world, where two lonely souls try to fall in love, while also eating people.

Although Chalamet is the big name here, the actual star of the movie is escape roomTaylor Russellwho plays Marin. Marin is a young woman who lives in poverty because she and her father are constantly forced to move. And they move because Marine, sometimes, will bite someone’s finger. Right in Guadagnino’s Introduction, an adaptation of a screenplay by David Kaganic based on a novel by Camille de Angelis, is clear about it. Marin craves human flesh and has destroyed everyone and everything around her.

Eventually I met Lee Chalamet who we learned is also a cannibal. The two meet because another important character named Sulli (Oscar winner) Mark Rylance) to Mariners that “eating,” as they like to be called, can smell each other. He explains that there are more of them out there than you might expect. Once this new world of eating was established, Lee and Marin set out on a quest to find Marin’s mother. Along the way they get closer and try to abide by a set of rules that free them from the guilt that comes from their shared desire to die.

All the while, the story is going in some pretty amazing directions and keeping the horror in place for maximum effectiveness (and when there’s horror, it’s not for the faint of heart). There is a lot going on though. You also find yourself eager to learn more about the world of eating, while also rooting for Lee and Maren’s success, while also generally nervous about any eventual consequences of the chaos they cause on their journey. The journey is further enhanced by the rich and supporting roles of Chloe Sevigny, Michael Stolberg, Andre Holland and David Gordon Green.

Chalamet reached a point, Even early in his careerWhere you can expect it to stand out and it delivers that and more. It seems to me at first like a problematic but as the movie progresses as he peels back the layers of character, Lee becomes weak and loving, but also loyal and strong. Russell matches more than Chalamet’s presence with an initially fearful and innocent career performer, but he develops into a confident and likable person. The two characters start out roughly at opposite ends of the spectrum and spend the entire movie making their way toward the middle, and each other.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Rylance. Here are six words people will say between now and forever: “Mark Rylance in bones and everything. He’s another actor we’ve come to expect to stand out from, but the creepy and weird Sulli, but also the sweet cannibal is Sulli’s one of all time. He’s not on screen a lot but when he is, the really great movie gets a lot better in some way, because it brings such energy. Uncomfortable but crucial.

bones and everything It will not be for everyone. For some, it may be too bloody. For others, it may be a little slow. But it really is sewing the needle into something that is weird chemistry, but with a unique and wonderful result. It’s a piece of a coming-of-age romantic horror movie that you should 100% look up to.

bones and everything It premiered in the US this week at Fantastic Fest 2022. It opens in theaters on November 23.

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