Trump’s flag is a ridiculous focus of the committee

Thursday January 6th session – which no longer appears to be the commission’s “last” public event – focused heavily on a surprising topic: getting to know Trump.

Specifically, his awareness that he lost the 2020 election fairly, and his knowledge of a plan to declare his victory on election night regardless of the results; His knowledge of an illegal plot to make fake electors certify his election victory; Teach him that those present at the Ellipse march that preceded Capitol attack They were armed and he refused to authorize defense officials to help stop the attack.

By the end of the session, the picture was clear: Trump tried to twist the truth about his fascist desires, but neither he nor his followers were strong enough.

Some things stuck in my mind. Here is my summary.

Cassidy Hutchinson recounts Trump’s pathetic frown

Cassidy HutchinsonA former aide to the White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, gave an astonishing testimony months ago. The committee revealed Thursday that there is more that can be learned from its interactions with White House officials on January 6.

In a clip of her testimony given Thursday, Hutchinson claimed she heard Trump admit to Meadows that he lost the election. This was allegedly done in private, of course, because Trump publicly (and erroneously) claimed to be the real winner. According to Hutchison, Trump said “something of an effect,” I don’t want people to know we lost, Mark. This is embarrassing.”

GOP talking points are being burned before the midterms

Republicans have spent the past two years trying to sharpen two dubious lines of attack, with their eyes clearly set on this year. midterm elections. Those attacks caught fire on Thursday as we received new information from the commission.

Republican Party Claim House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allegedly deliberately obstructed defense efforts While the siege of the sixth of January last year. But the stunning footage released by the commission on Thursday showed it Didn’t do anything like that. In fact, It seemed Leadership The defense effort coordinated with governors and defense officials as Trump watched the carnage unfold.

Another Republican Party offensive line claims that President Joe Biden bears sole responsibility for the chaotic and murderous withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan last year. The commission has separately shown evidence for this claim as well. Specifically, they Testimony from several former Trump administration defense officials revealed He said that Trump obliged the United States to withdraw nearly all forces from Afghanistan, contrary to the advice of the defense staff. Ultimately, 13 Americans and dozens of Afghan civilians were killed in an attack on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport in the final weeks of the US withdrawal from the country.

Although Trump eagerly sought credibility for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Republicans have struggled to turn it into the Biden scandal, with Some even claim that he should resign or be fired because of it. Thursday’s testimony emphasized that Trump not only knew that the abrupt withdrawal was unwise and potentially disastrous. Pay to complete it By January 15, 2021 – days before Biden takes office.

Roger Stone’s Fascist Quotes Goes With Trump’s Election Day Plan

The commission has released a video of longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone speaking with fellow extremists ahead of the 2020 election. He boasted that he was a cheerleader. Trump declares victory on election night, even before all the results are counted.

We’ve also learned details about Team Trump’s involvement in a plan that Trump is doing just as Stone suggests: declaring himself the winner before the results are fully counted. The Commission Share a draft of a letter sent by right-wing activist Tom Fitton to Trump White House staff, who called on Trump to prematurely announce his election victory. Trump did, of course.

All of this shows a clear connection between Stone’s plans and Trump’s behavior.

Summon Fanny Willis

The commission has uncovered some evidence that appears to show that Trump was aware of the fraudulent voter scheme, as his supporters tried to falsely certify some states’ votes for him rather than Biden, the actual winner in those states. The scheme is going on Investigation by several investigators nationwide, perhaps notably in Georgia, by Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis and a special grand jury that requested assistance in the investigation. The committee shared footage of Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel admitting that Trump put him on the phone with attorney John Eastman, a key architect of the 2020 election sabotage effort, to discuss how the Republican Party could help.

Greg Jacob, a former adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, testified that Eastman himself told Trump on January 4And the 2021, that the scheme was likely illegal. The committee also showed an email Eastman sent to Jacob on January 6 in which he claimed he told Trump that Pence did not have the legal authority to veto or invalidate the election results.

Unresolved Questions About Secret Service Involvement

Thursday’s hearings left us with more questions than answers about Secret Service actions that led to and during the January 6 violence. The commission revealed information sent to the Secret Service from people who said the extremists were planning to “literally kill people” and “outnumber the police so they can’t be stopped.”

This indicates that the Secret Service had advance warning of the attack. The commission revealed emails between some Secret Service agents Which indicates that they weren’t all troubled Trump was inciting anger toward Pence for refusing to try to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Furthermore, the commission obtained Secret Service documents that largely support Hutchinson’s allegations of an alleged exchange between Trump and Secret Service officials over their refusal to move Trump to the Capitol as violence erupted. Some unnamed officials cast doubt on Hutchinson’s allegations behind the scenes and former officials You may even dispute claims under oath In his testimony before the House Committee on January 6 (January).

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