Verstappen wins from Leclerc as race ends under SC

Polesitter Leclerc defied expectations by running a two-stop strategy, but his late push on new tires failed to produce enough pace to stand in the champ as Verstappen rose from seventh place.

Leclerc had bolstered his hopes with a late safety car that had the ability to throw a wrench into the works, but was slow to pick up the leaders and duly denied the thrilling sprint race to the finish and spoiled anything Ferrari counting.

This allowed the Red Bull driver to claim his 31st win in the first division, his fifth in a row and eleventh of the season to come close to two wins from the record for the most successful Formula One season.

After changing the internal combustion engine on the advice of supplier Honda, Verstappen finished seventh thanks to a five-place penalty after lapsing him over to second place in qualifying.

His RB18 was set in the softest C4 tires available to fire well and claim fifth place quickly after the anti-stop trigger on the third start Lando Norris and pass Fernando Alonso.

Verstappen continued climbing in the early stages of the 53rd centenary race at Monza. download AlphaTauri pilot Pierre Gasly Fourth place at the end of the first lap before diving after the winner of the Italian 2021 race Daniel Ricciardo Under braking in the first chicane for a makeshift platform.

That only left Leclerc and the second start George Russell forward, the mercedes He stuck firmly after aborting the first foul during the fight with Ferrari over the early lead.

Despite W13 separating the pair, Leclerc and Verstappen traded the fastest laps early on the timing line as the 2.5-second net split the champions.

Red Bull then finished second by a wide margin over Ascari before combining DRS and drag to pass Russell cleanly down the main line to battle for the win.

With Verstappen ten tenths of a lap faster, Ferrari attempted a twist using a virtual safety car – called when. Sebastian Vettel Parked with a smoke engine – to give Leclerc a cheaper spot.

He stopped a bunch of mods on lap 13 with a quick 2.2sec serve just as the green flags were waved to undermine the undercut’s effectiveness and Leclerc was released in third with 18secs to find him.

Despite his age, Verstappen was able to maintain a good pace – only 0.5secs slower than Leclerc while holding a cushion of 10.2secs to Russell while Leclerc lagged another 4.1secs.

As F1-75 started to gain, Verstappen warmed up to middles on lap 26 and complimented from 2.4s quick stops, coming out only a touch over 10 seconds on the leaderboard.

Fresh rubber from Verstappen enabled him to close the gap to 5.4secs when Ferrari called Leclerc again on lap 34 to seemingly soft for a straight run for the pennant, with Red Bull back in second over Russell.

Leclerc’s initial pace was poor, but he managed to raise the fuse to a lap 0.4sec faster than Verstappen with a gap of 18sec with 10 laps remaining.

But a wrench was thrown into the works on lap 47 when Ricciardo stopped outside Ascari with an engine failure to power a safety car, which was posted late, but Verstappen started next time for new soft materials and replaced Leclerc C4s used with Russell for third .

With the field well spread out, the safety car picked up Russell instead, then the roll cars Valtteri Bottas And the Yuki Tsunoda Divide the main binary, plus McLaren It took time to be cleared by the crane, and the race was not resumed to deny the flag to the sprint.

As such, Verstappen secured victory over Leclerc as Russell completed the podium, while Carlos Sainz Turned in a rapid rise in the first stage to make up for the net back penalty and the fourth trap.

Lewis Hamilton A similar act, notably sticking to his sticky car while chasing Alonso as well as performing a double pass on Norris and Gasly to finish seventh.

Sergio Perez He was able to make the flag despite the brake fire continuing on his first hard-tyre stop, with Norris finishing seventh over Gasly.

Formula E champion Nick de Vries tied Williams’ best result of the season in ninth to seal his appearance as a good substitute due to appendicitis. Alex Albon.

Zhou GuanyuIn the meantime, complete the Top 10 of Alfa Romeo previous to Esteban Ocon And the Mick Schumacher.

Behind Bottas and Tsunoda, Nicholas Latifi And the Kevin Magnussen (Get a 5 second penalty for abort first chicane) Complete the runners.

Besides Ricardo and Vettel, Lance’s Outing And Alonso (suspected of a water pump malfunction) forced to withdraw early.

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