Walmart steps into the Metaverse, founder of NFT hack and more

US retail giant Walmart has taken its first steps into the Metaverse by launching Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play on Roblox.

as In the company’s announcement Monday, Walmart Land is focusing on “immersive experiences” with key features including a physics-challenging Ferris wheel, unlockable icons and decals, an interactive piano arcade and a DJ booth for users.

Products from Lottie London, Bubble, UOMA by Sharon C and other brands will also appear in the virtual world, along with a store of virtual merchandise, or “verch,” for user avatars.

In October, Walmart Land will host a motion-capture concert known as “Electric Fest” featuring performances by music artists YUNGBLUD, Madison Beer and Kane Brown.

Meanwhile, Walmart’s Universe of Play offers games with products and characters from Jurassic World, Paw Patrol, Magic Mixies, and Razor Scooters, and the chance to explore game worlds and earn coins redeemable for virtual goods.

Retail company first pointed out intends to enter the Metaverse after filing a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 30 covering its “digital currency” and “digital token”, while a separate application Covered A brand of Walmart in virtual and augmented reality.

The founder of the now banned NFT account has been hacked

Jason Valovich, co-founder of Leverage Game Media, became the victim of a hack over the weekend as his account on the NFT OpenSea marketplace cleared more than $1 million in Ether (ETH) and NFTs, including a mutant and bored monkey and a couple of doodles.

Valovich is also the founder of the NFT Instagram and Twitter handles that were suspended after repeated violations of the platform’s community guidelines, and come after allegations that it promoted NFT projects without proper disclosure.

In a post to his more than 170,000 Twitter followers on Sunday, Valovic, better known as jfx on Twitter, said he had been hacked the night before, and urged the public not to buy any of the items or anything else from his wallets.

Falovitch is known among the community as the founder of the NFT account on Twitter and Instagram. He is also the co-founder of Leverage Game Media, a company he co-founded with American billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban who owns NFT assets and claims to help promote NFT projects through major sports social media pages.

However, his previous involvement in social media accounts promoting NFT did not escape some detained community members, with some calling the recent hack “karma”.

Pixelmon rises from the ashes

after less thanastral response To launch the NFT group back in February, Pixelmon is back with a new plan and new leadership under LiquidX, a web3 venture capital studio.

According to the company’s statement, LiquidX has acquired a 60% stake in the project, and LiquidX co-founder Julio Ziluannis will serve as the CEO of Pixelmon.

Earlier this year, many Pixelmon NFT makers were disappointed after the project revealed final art in February, which ended up falling short of expectations.

However, under the new leadership, the updated Pixelmon roadmap now turns the disappointing monsters from the original NFT set into 3D characters that can be used in Pixelmon Massively Multiplayer Online-playing (MMORPG).

Pixelmon was originally scheduled to release an alpha version of its MMORPG before the end of 2022, but now alpha testing of the game will begin in the first quarter of 2023, with the game now set for a release in late 2023.

The new roadmap under LiquidX also includes the future launch of virtual Earth NFTs, utility tokens, and separate governance to support the Pixelmon economy.

AC Milan partnership with Solana-based MonkeyLeague

Professional football club AC Milan (Rossoneri) has inked New deal with MonkeyLeague, a Web3 soccer game built on the Solana blockchain – to become another sports brand to leverage technology to Fan share.

The partnership will see the creation of exclusive AC Milan-branded NFT gaming assets, including new players for the game, skins, apparel and in-game stadiums.

Kasper Stylesvig, AC Milan’s chief revenue officer, said the club was “happy” and described the collaboration as “allowing us to strengthen our position in digital innovation”.

according to MonkeyLeague websiteThe game is a web 3 based Esports game that will allow users to build and manage a dream team of at least six MonkeyPlayer NFTs, compete against other players and rise in the league.

AC Milan was founded in 1899 and is currently the champion of Serie A, the country’s top-tier football league.

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