Watch the artist who changed Justin Bieber’s ‘Peach’ on the last night of blind auditions for ‘The Voice’

Monday night is the last night of the Blind Auditions the soundAnd the And the teams are almost full, which makes it almost impossible for the artist to get a role with four chairs. But he’s 27 years old Constance Howard From Katy, Texas he was one of the lucky ones to get a spot on the team. She managed two seats for her amazing performance Justin Beiber“Peach”.

Camila Cabello He was the first to turn around, followed by john legendbut Gwen Stefani: famous American singer He was the first coach to speak.

“Constance was very cool,” no doubt The lead singer tells her. “Honestly, it was so creative and different. You have so many great places in your voice. You do Music out of this? You should be because it looks like you’re going to be an already signed artist.”

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