Why is Biden now talking about the arrest of Britney Grenier?

Earlier this week, Biden, who has mostly remained silent Greener Prison While facing the big Pressure to secure her releaseCNN’s Jake Tapper told CNN that he will only meet with President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Indonesia next month to discuss Grener’s arrest and nothing else. “Look, I have no intention of meeting him, but look, if he comes to me at the G-20 summit and says, ‘I want to talk about releasing Greiner, I’d meet him, but it depends on that,'” Taber said.

Biden again raised the possibility of meeting Putin about Greiner release While speaking with reporters outside the White House on Wednesday, according to Reuters. He also said that there was no move from Putin to Possible prisoner exchange With Greiner and Paul Whelan, an American serving a 16-year prison sentence in Russia for espionage.

In an email interview, Danny Gilbert, fellow in US foreign policy and international security at Dartmouth, wrote that while Biden’s strong public statements may seem at odds with how Grenier case Previously dealt with, it follows a natural evolution or turnaround of a wrongful detention case. Gilbert wrote, “In the beginning, it is not always clear whether the prisoner was being unjustly held or being used for pressure. There is always hope that the whole thing was just a big mistake.” “Therefore, it makes sense to remain calm at first – to explore options for small accuracy and avoid increased risk.”

However, as time passes and it becomes clear that the prisoner is in fact being held unlawfully, Gilbert writes that it makes more sense to call him the order and engage in the difficult conversations required to bring that person home. Gilbert wrote, “These dynamics were playing out for Britney Greiner: Initially, the US government was publicly silent about her arrest. Since they deemed her ‘unjustly detained’ in May, the Biden administration has been more vocal.” . “Now that it is clear that Griner’s extravagant sentence was unjustified and that Vladimir Putin is holding her for influence, it makes sense for the United States government to invoke it.”

in August, Greiner was sentenced to nine years in prison She was arrested for drug possession after she was arrested at a Russian airport in February when police said they found e-cigarette cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage. Her arrest came just days before Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At the time, Greiner was returning to Russia, where she plays in the off-season league.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken publicly revealed in July that Washington had made a “substantial proposal” to present Greiner and Whelan’s home, according to a high-level prisoner exchange for convicts Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. No significant developments have emerged since then. “I think President Biden fully agrees with the US government’s efforts to resolve its case: the administration has put a big and difficult offer on the table, one that Russia has so far either ignored or reprimanded,” Gilbert wrote. “Biden is giving Putin a chance to come to the negotiating table – a chance to solve this issue alone and take the bargain.”

last week, Griner’s lawyers have appealedA Russian court has set the date for the first appeal hearing on October 25. His wife, Cheryl, and her agent, Lindsey Colas, met with Biden in person last month to discuss continued White House work to secure Greiner’s release. Biden also met Whelan’s sister, Elizabeth Whelan, separately.

Behind the scenes, something might be working. Over the weekend, he met with former US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, who recently met with Russian officials to help negotiate the release. Greiner And Whelan’s release, told CNN, that he was “cautiously optimistic” they could be released before the end of the year. “I know [the families are] “Very emotional and this is a very emotional time,” Richardson said. “All I can say is that the Biden administration is working hard for him.”

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