Will Recruiting High School Students to the NBA Hurt NCAA Collars?

Blake Schuster: oh s***

Charles Curtis: This is Happpppppppppppppppppp. This mental health thing is great

Caroline Darney: Oh hell yeah let’s go

Blake: Bronny James miss college?

Brian Kalbrowsky: FWIW, Bronny James is expected to take the college road.

Andy Nesbitt: RIP, college collars. It was a good run!

Caroline: We’ll be fine, Andy (I think maybe two if this lasts a year)

Brian: I think it will be much more than that.

Caroline: Which are formulated???

Charles: You have abroad, G League, 18-year-old boys are being recruited

Caroline: I still think college would be the best option for most of them. Especially with NIL. Abroad and G League are now in place.

Charles: But they will achieve a lot in the NBA

Brian: People go abroad, G league and Elite because they can’t go to the NBA.

dew: College collars will quickly become like old rotary phones on your kitchen wall

Charles: College collars may still be fine? I do not know. Like a star’s strength may go down but it’s still.

dew: I’ve been claiming college hoops have been far from good for years

Blake: Ochai Agbaji, Frank Mason, and Devonte Graham were all like a non-existent recruit until Bill Self found them. Maybe Kansas will win more titles now.

Caroline: College collars will be fine

dew: They’ll still have March, but yes, they’re off to the rest!

Blake: The important thing for college basketball this time around is that the NCAA allows players to go to collecting/announcing the draft and getting feedback. So it’s not as if these kids have to stick to the draft until they’re sure of their choice.

Brian: I mean four years of players are still around. I loved Payton Pritchard in Oregon. Blake loved all the Kansas players who spent four years in Lawrence Then he did nothing in the NBA

Blake: All of them got rings at Kuwait University. It’s not our fault that Sacramento keeps crafting. I really don’t think we’ll see a significant decline in college. Not with NIL, etc. This will only help 0.5 percent of top players.

Caroline: Like 2-4 guys who went pro (league gee/outside country) every year in the last… 5 seasons? …I’m not too worried. Maybe you don’t have Zion and Kid?

Prince c. College hoops might be better off IMO. Players stay, teams build identity

Caroline: Yes every year in the top 25. I’m with Prince. This can help college. More continuity.

Blake: I think the change in the CBB is marginal at best. I don’t know if that helps or hurts.

Caroline: I think marginal, possibility of help. There is no significant effect on IMO.

dew: Stay in college for two years to avoid the NBA. If you have been in college for more than two years, you are looking for a professional job abroad.

Caroline: This is totally false but it’s okay.

dew: I think this is mostly true but I don’t have any stats anywhere near me.

Blake: Yes, no one even knows what happened to that smart guy Marcus after he left Oklahoma.

dew: Exactly, that’s why I mostly said!

Caroline: Or Malcolm Brogdon, where has he been since 2016?

Prince: on the list of injured.

Christian D’Andrea: dead.

Caroline: We’re just resetting the college’s talent level expectations. You don’t have Zion, but that doesn’t bother me.

dew: As a regular fan, the lack of Zion is a big deal to me!

Brian: I mean college is obviously still a viable path. There are a lot of players who made it to the NBA after playing for several years in school.

Blake: Ja Morant. A young man for two years in Murray. No one has heard of him since.

Charles: As a regular fellow, I won’t be watching college until March.

Caroline: As a die-hard college fan, I’m not too concerned. (I’m tired of catering to the NCAA for regular audiences, but that’s another argument for another day and it’s been a long nuisance to me)

dew: I’ll start watching around Sweet 16, unless some Cinderellas pass then I’ll wait or the Final Four.

Christian: Andy will wake up with broken tires next week and there will be a series of Top Gun related clues about who did it.

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