Zerodha boss sets employee fitness challenge; Announces a monthly bonus of $10

Financial services company Zerodha, which has encouraged its employees to focus on their health during the Covid 2020 pandemic, has now made fitness a norm.

In the latest initiative, Zerodha President Nithin Kamath has set a new health challenge for employees to take time for exercise/exercise/sports activities.

Zerodha employees will be given an option to set a daily activity goal on the company’s fitness tracker. The CEO said, “Anyone who achieves any goal set in 90% of the days within the next year” will get one month’s salary as a bonus. In addition, there will be one lucky draw RAdded 10 lakh as a motivation kicker.

The fitness challenge will be optional, Kamath said. In this challenge, an individual needs to burn at least 350 active calories per day, in any form.

Describing working from home and sitting as the new “smoking”, he added, “We are doing everything we can to push everyone on the teams, and hopefully they and their families will commute daily.”

Citing his example, Zerodha co-founder said activity tracking was the best growth hack to lose weight and stay fit. He added that keeping track of weight makes you diet conscious as well. Kamath, who began tracking his activities in 2020, raised his daily goal to 1,000 calories in September of this year.

“Since my initial weight gain after COVID, tracking activity has been my best growth hack, I ended up being more diet conscious too. The daily goal has slowly increased to 1,000 calories. This is what September looks like so far; it will be interesting to see Others who use activity trackers,” Kamath’s tweet read.

This is not the first time Zerodha founder Kamath has announced such a health initiative for his company’s employees.

Kamath also announced a similar health challenge last year for employees. Kamath said the company has begun a 12-month program for a healthy goal, to encourage people to prioritize health amid the pandemic.

To create accountability and increase participation, the CEO announced that everyone who reached the goal would receive one month’s stipend as a bonus and would be eligible for a lucky draw. R10 lakhs.

This year, on World Health Day, Kamath said anyone with a BMI below 25 will receive a half-month stipend as a bonus. Through social media, Kamath said that anyone who would be eligible for a half-month stipend as a bonus, have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25. He also added that their team’s average BMI is 25.3 and if they can be reduced to 24 by August, “Everyone gets an extra half month as a bonus.”

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